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June 02 2019 01:47 AM

By Nimmi Afzal

Persian Raspberry Mini Trifles


For The Persian Pudding:
• Milk- 1.5 litre
• Rose water- 2.5 tablespoon
• Egg yolk- of 3 eggs
• Granulated sugar- 1 cup
• Corn starch- 3 tablespoon

For Trifle:
• Rose water- 2 tablespoon
• Saffron – a pinch
• Warm water- 3 tablespoon
• Raspberry – a handful
• Persian Pudding
• Pound cake- 1 (sliced)
• Dried rose buds- for garnishing

(NOTE: The quantity of cornstarch can be adjusted depending on how thick the pudding should be. I kept it medium thick)

1.  In a bowl, add the egg yolk and granulated sugar. Beat till it turns to a creamy texture. Then add rose water and continue beating. After 2-3 minutes, add cornstarch and beat for another few minutes. To this creamy mixture, pour 3-4 tablespoon of warm milk and mix well. 
2.  Now boil milk in a sauce pan at low flame. Later pour the mixture which we prepared, to the boiling milk (in low flame) and stir it gently to a thick texture. It will take at least 6-8 minutes to get the thick consistency. Once it is done, switch off the flame and let it cool at room temperature.
3. Now let’s make the trifle. Mix saffron, warm water and rose water in a bowl. Also mash the raspberries and keep it aside. Dip the pound cake slices in the saffron- rose water mixture and place it in serving glasses as the bottom layer. This will give good flavour and moisture to the pound cake.
4. Later fill the serving glasses with Persian pudding and add the raspberry mixture over it. Then top it with another layer of pudding to the top.
5. Garnish the glasses with dried rose petals. Refrigerate the trifles for at least 3 hours to make it thick and serve it chill.

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