Bonding at the souq
June 10 2019 12:51 AM
Photo by Allan Villafuerte

Allan Villafuerte

The Eid holidays provided a good diversion from the humdrum of daily life. One of the days, I traversed through Souq Waqif on what was — believe it or not — a maiden visit even though I’ve been in Doha for the past two and half years. 
It was a humid night and even though I wasn’t feeling well, the prospect of indulging photography even if only to show friends back home what kind of place and life is here in Qatar was irresistible on an occasion like this. 
And what better than to be at the much happening souq! 
Predictably, people from all walks of life, most with families, could be seen bonding whether walking around or just having meals or beverages in the multiple restaurants and cafes. Children could be seen playing and just having fun. 
You couldn’t but be impressed by the milieu with the rich tapestry of Qatari culture and hospitality in evidence: tradition, handicraft, food and feel-good socialising. And of course, there was plenty on offer in terms of artefacts and memorabilia. 
The place reminded me so much of home, where people gather and bring their families and kids together, spending hours in a relaxing setting to converse and bond with each other. In a nutshell, just a home away from home.  
— Text and photos by Allan Villafuerte (@am82190)

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