A breathtaking view and an interesting moment to be alive!
June 13 2019 12:47 AM

Polycarp Maina/Photos by Dennis Macharia

It’s a late evening, atop Saraya Corniche Hotel. The oblique view of the surrounding from the penthouse of this building, and at such a particular time of the day, reveals scenery that is not only stupendous but also one that is rare to catch a glimpse of. I can’t find it in my heart to deny myself the pleasure to pause, observe and admire what just a fraction of the entire Doha can offer to a keen explorer and nature lover.
Although I am physically confined by the four walls of this building, my soul experiences a limitless freedom as it is given a free flight by my sense of sight to explore and hover over the area possibly viewable. The blurriness of the horizon alone in the midst of darkness cannot in itself deter the strong urge to take a shot as a way of not only experiencing this breathtaking moment but also for recording history for future reference. 
As eyes roll from one feature to another, my mind cannot help wandering with awe. Abdulla Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center, being the centre of focus in the foreground, illuminates the whole atmosphere, creating dominance and sending the glowing yellow light to all directions. The iconic architecture, at night, resembles a lit lamp resting up on a hill, casting light to every corner of the plain, thus giving life to the entire terrain and enabling human activities. The linear formation of the street light poles and random, but changing colours of traffic lights decorate the area with eye-catching candlelight, and beaming fluorescence that would make one think that stars had fallen down from the sky. 
Consequently, there is an ambiance of tranquillity that in turn evokes a sense of safety within this great city. The smooth flow of traffic embodies the order and organisation of every sector of the economy, a trait every expat can bear witness. 
In the same breath, every now and then, one finds himself busy after the eyes get glued at something but staring at nothing. At this juncture, the mind pays homage to the world of fantasy where everything is possible. When the visit is over, reality is inevitable. Human intelligence is manifested in everything the eye catches from this same position; technology in the beautification of roads, the architecture of modern buildings spread all over the field of vision just to mention a few. What an interesting moment to be alive!
—Text by Polycarp Maina, 
Photos by Dennis Macharia

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