Beyond the conventional
June 17 2019 10:05 PM

Muhammad Shazwan Zakarya

The Doha skyline at sunset, doves at Souq Waqif, dhows at the Corniche, and dune-bashing SUVs – these are the images that usually come to mind when one thinks about photographing Qatar. I have taken hundreds of these photos myself, and Qatar does not disappoint. With countless opportunities to capture stunning landscape, nature, architecture, and people, it is truly a photographers’ paradise.
However, the images that have become my personal favourites are those that capture unique moments involving subjects that are unmistakably Qatar. 
These images appeal to me as someone who is always looking for a fresh perspective, and befits Qatar as the nonconformist nation that is unafraid to pave its own path and taking bold steps, despite its size. Finding these images required me to look beyond the conventional beauty of Qatar’s landmarks. Be it a patriotic expression during a National Day parade, the contrast between famous skyline and laymen routine, the crazy colours of a particular Dukhan sunset, a peculiar animal behaviour, the juxtaposition of separate but related imageries, or a fortunate casting of shadows, the satisfaction comes from knowing that these moments are unlikely to repeat themselves.
These moments are rare, but they are worth carrying a camera everywhere in Qatar. Look a bit harder, wait a bit longer, and you will be rewarded.
— Muhammad Shazwan Zakarya

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