Empowerment coach who’s trying to make a difference
June 18 2019 10:23 PM
INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER: Elizabeth Wood speaking on Identity Phenomena at 2018 TEDx Qatar University, QNCC.

By Mudassir Raja

This is about the journey of a person who sought to follow her passion and connect with people. She started her career in PR and marketing in Doha 10 years ago. But later she chose to change her career and became an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and motivational speaker.
British expatriate Elizabeth Wood, an empowerment coach, values curiosity, connection and freedom. However, she is not limited to just these values. She wants to leave a legacy. She works to make a difference in other’s lives. Community recently spoke with the talented coach who runs her Inspire Me company at The Pearl-Qatar.
“I love to connect with other people deeply from all walks of life regardless of their differing opinions or even if from the outside we seemingly have nothing in common with one another, rapport can be built with the right intentions.”
Having done Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, she had worked in the corporate space as well as communications and marketing for 10 years. “In 2017 I decided to take a professional leap and career change to tackle the realm of entrepreneurship. I took up an accredited course to study coaching and mentoring. As a result, I opened my own coaching and consultancy practise in Doha.”
This has been a journey of transformation for Elizabeth who is also a motivational speaker, TEDx Speaker and ‘people-pleaser’.
“PR and coaching are two very different areas. I found that the catalyst of becoming a coach and mentor naturally paves the way into the art of speaking to motivate and inspire others. I realised that in order to be a good coach and truly live up to my potential, motivational speaking is the route to go.
“To be a TEDx speaker is no more than a fantastic opportunity to showcase one’s ability to inspire an audience under a reputable global brand. TEDx or any other well-known platform or speakers’ bureau is just a means to add credibility to a person’s name or message.
“Working on my ‘people-pleaser’ attitude that I often speak about – often in jest – is mainly about my own journey with implementing healthy personal boundaries as well as the art of assertiveness. The last two years have been a great ride of introspection for me and learning how to say ‘no’ diplomatically is one of the things I share often in my group coaching workshops.
“I am now more aware and make the decision to say no to honour myself first.  I am ever ready to reach out and help out others and please them. But, I will not please others by compromising my personal values and boundaries.”
Talking about Inspire Me, Elizabeth said: “Established in 2017, Inspire Me Education, Coaching and Consultancy is based on three core values – inspiration, communication and empowerment.  Inspire Me supports corporate and individual clients to reach their full potential whether it be in career development, personal or social development en route to living a purposeful life taking action and goal-orientated.
Elizabeth has been enjoying living and working in Qatar. “I moved to Qatar in 2009. I was hired as a fresh graduate at the age of 23 to work for one of the largest companies in Doha. The activities I was involved in other than corporate work in the PR field, included exploring Qatar, meeting new friends from diverse backgrounds and enjoying life as a Muslim since I had the lovely opportunity to live upon the faith of my personal choice.
“I see my life as the ability to balance all the categories of life I love – a family of my own which over the years I have been blessed with, a career I find rewarding, faith and social connection with continuous learning.”
About her future plans, she said: “Plans for the future include the desire to raise emotionally intelligent children, continue growing as a person and making a difference on Earth, have Inspire Me become a globally recognised brand for personal development, motivation and inspiration. Although I do love to visualise the future, who knows what the future will bring. I am more of a ‘live in the present moment’ type of person and see what happens organically when the right time comes.” 


Saturday، 22 June 2019 05:09 PM

very impressive story how she changed her career from PR and marketing entrepreneur, consultant, coach and motivational speaker.her lifer journey is like my friend who started his professional life as a computer teacher now he is a CEO of Asan Classifieds a successful startup in Pakistan. When Passion become career then no one can stop to anyone from success.
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