The combination of contemporary architecture with Islamic traditions
June 23 2019 01:51 AM
Photo by Santhiya Kandaraja

Keerthana Kandaraja

During my first visit to the Education City Mosque located in the Education City, I found the whole space breathtaking. This is the first truly modern structure for worshippers in the region and it is already an inspiration for many. The interior juxtaposes light and shadow. The uniqueness of the building is that the rays of light penetrate through the holes of different shapes and sizes. 
The peculiar features of the mosque are the two minarets, similar to ribbons which strive for the sky. The mosque rests on five large columns with each featuring a verse from the Quran. Prayer lines are calligraphed over the facade of the building. Four streams of water flow from the surrounding garden into the building. The mosque has a main prayer hall - a hall for men and a hall for women, and classroom spread across the floor. 
This is a must visit place for people in Qatar, especially since everybody is welcome to visit. It is also a place to go and click some stunning pictures, get enlightened about religion and spend some quiet time. It is an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city.
— Text by Keerthana Kandaraja, photos by Santhiya Kandaraja

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