Islamic world’s youth turn spotlight on pressing issues
July 11 2019 09:17 PM
Participants during a discussion at the Doha Islamic Youth Forum which concluded Thursday
Participants during a discussion at the Doha Islamic Youth Forum which concluded Thursday


A number of youth of the Islamic world have monitored the most important issues that concern them to achieve development and advance their countries and societies, which includes political reform, freedom of expression, education and development, job opportunities and the distribution of true Islamic values in societies.
On the sidelines of the Doha Islamic Youth Forum, which is currently being held in Doha, the OIC Youth Capital in 2019, a group of young people participated in talks with Qatar News Agency (QNA) regarding urgent issues that governments need to highlight to address many of the problems that lead to youth to be inactive in society or drive them to extremism, violence or irregular migration.
Director of Creativity Makers Centre and one of the participants and presenters in the Doha Islamic Youth Forum Mohamed Hassan al-Jefairi said: “As Qatari youth, we may not have the problems other countries face, but being one Islamic society makes us think about the problems of Muslim societies as we are part of this nation."
Al-Jefairi pointed out that he believes that the most important problems that concern Muslim youths is the issue of Islamophobia, which caused concern for many who don't know the truth of Islam because of falsehood, whereas Islam protects all noble human values to ensure the achievement of human dignity.
He added that Islamic societies need to strengthen the values of freedom and acceptance of opinion, as well as pay greater attention to issues of education and development, which leads to the creation of a labour market, and find real opportunities for employment, as there are Muslim communities suffering from unemployment, poverty and ignorance. 
These issues, and empowerment of women rather than marginalisation in some societies, need the efforts of all, especially young people, he said. He said Qatar is a key partner in development, and highlighted the role of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in embracing the Doha Islamic Youth Forum, in awakening youth issues in the Islamic Ummah. 
For her part, Olfa Ben Faraj from Tunisia said that one of the most important issues of interest to young people in the Islamic world and from Tunisia is access to good governance that ensures the elimination of corruption and cronyism that result in young people moving to dangerous hotspots, such as drifting towards subversive ideas, drugs or irregular migration and so on.
She added that the issue that concerns youth is freedom and participation in decision-making, noting that the Doha Islamic Youth Forum has chosen important axes, which are good governance, sustainable development and social networking, all of which one needs.
Al-Husseini Sheikho from Niger told QNA that young people need political awareness to know their rights, as well as develop their educational and academic skills through workshops and courses that help them find jobs and earn a project at the same time.
For his part, Buraq Omar Demir from Turkey said that the most important issues of concern to the youth of the Islamic world is the Palestinian cause, which needs continuous awareness of the rights of Muslim people. 
He added that the issue of economic development, especially in African countries, was another concern as some countries lack resources and services. He praised the Doha Islamic Youth Forum for enriching the discussion on the issues and the themes. 
Kramba Bayou from Guinea-Bissau stressed the need to correct the image of Islam in the Western world and provide the true picture of the Islamic religion, as well as the importance of working to provide good education and training to address the economic problems in the Islamic world.

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