Traditions of Bulgaria weaved on Merino wool
September 04 2019 12:36 AM
INAUGURATION: From left, Bulgarian artist Dilly Bozadzhieva, Ambassador of Bulgaria Metin Kazak and General Manager of Katara Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti at the opening ceremony.

Human cultures and traditions go back to times immemorial. With the evolution of human beings, their traditions also continue to progress bringing in diversity and colour.
A glimpse of traditional beauty of Bulgaria was recently put on display at Building 22 of Katara where Dilly Bozadzhieva, Bulgarian artist and art designer, has displayed 15 of her works. Katara, in co-operation with the embassy of the republic of Bulgaria, has organised “The Beauty of Traditions” exhibition that will continue till September 10 from 10am to 10pm everyday.
The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, and Metin Kazak, ambassador of Bulgaria to Qatar. Art lovers and diplomatic community attended the opening ceremony in large numbers. The gathering was stunned to see the work of the talented artist on Merino wool.
The visiting artist used wool on the canvas and made colourful pictures on it. The art pieces were so captivating that they gripped the visitors who spent considerable time in the gallery looking at the creative work.
Dilly, born in the small and beautiful town Kubrat, Bulgaria, was interested in applied arts from her early years. With a Master’s degree in Fashion Design, she has passed different phases of her creative development until she found wool – which she calls her passion.
“Her trademark as a painter and designer is working with Merino wool. She is a unique artist who sensuously enweaves in the canvas with living wool, love and beauty. Authenticity is her main characteristic that personifies the love of art, as she embodies gentle artistry that gives her the sills to combine the colours of Merino wool into breathtaking images,” said Ambassador Metin in his opening speech.
He added: “Dilly has been making her projects in the applied arts using her splendid fantasy for more than 15 years. She prefers the natural materials to create her paintings and accessories, because they give the soul and the heart of her works. Merino wool gives her the possibility to connect to an old handicraft, to some extent forgotten through the ages. The Merino wool technique includes a special needle to feel the fibres of the material combining different colour layers.”
Further praising the mastery of the artist, the ambassador said: “Each painting is unique and could not be repeated. At every place you see Dilly’s painting, you feel coziness and warmth. This is the special effect of the Merino sheep wool. The artist has been organising many solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and in other countries including Hungary, Germany and Turkey. This project presents an original eclectic art idea – the paintings are presented by women dressed in Bulgarian national costumes – the works become alive. The great variety of costumes in different parts of the country is a result of the diverse ethnicities living in the Bulgarian lands through the ages. The customs, the manners and the costumes were formed by the influence of this diversity and that gifted them with rich colours, embroidery and decorations. The exhibition presents the strength and the beauty of women and the way they express themselves by their clothing.
“Dilly’s future creative plans include a number of art projects to surprise art lovers all over the world.”
Talking to Community, Dilly said: “This is my first exhibition in the Middle East. I am thankful to Katara and the Bulgarian embassy for giving me the opportunity to let the Doha audience have a look at my creative pieces. I am happy to see the response of the art lovers.
“I have mainly presented the traditions and culture of Bulgaria through the artwork. I love to portray Bulgarian women in traditional costumes. As the costumes are very colourful, I have used different bright colours in my work. I present traditional Bulgaria.”

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