QU Alumni Association organises awareness seminar
November 15 2019 10:38 PM
QU Alumni Association organises awareness seminar
QU Alumni Association organises awareness seminar

The Culture and Arts Chapter in Qatar University’s (QU) Alumni Association organised an awareness seminar titled ‘Be aware, listen to your body’.
The seminar was presented by Dalal al-Dosari, teaching assistant of Mass Communication at QU’s College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), and attended by a number of female students, staff and local community members.
The event addressed a number of key themes, including the law of attraction and its role in health-related setbacks or disease, high awareness and low awareness, decoding symptoms and disease and, lastly, body messages for internal balance.
In addition, a practical training on how to listen to your body was demonstrated at the seminar to reflect what was taught throughout the session and how to apply the messages in daily life.
Amna Abdulkarim Farran, vice-president of the Culture and Arts Chapter, said: “The Culture and Arts Chapter started its activities with an awareness
workshop that dealt with human awareness of the body and its messages. Awareness is a journey that humans must face personally and then the outside world. In our chapter, we are keen to diversify the activities that we offer the community and also we strive to work with different academic departments at Qatar University, in order to present the greatest expertise that is based on experience and aptitude.
“The Culture and Arts Chapter aims to be a comprehensive and purposeful cultural platform that invests in our interested audiences, in a climate that provides useful information that is also enjoyable. We are currently planning for a number of practical workshops in the field of self-development, creativity and intellectual thought.”
Al-Dosari presented at the event, saying: “The awareness of health is the recognition of the importance of balance in health and all its aspects, psychological, mental and physical.”
She clarified that the workshop is aligned with the importance of health in women and the continuity of messages for internal balance, which may take the form of physical symptoms or diseases that indicate a flaw in lifestyle that requires women to reconsider lifestyle choices.
Student Fatma al-Amri commented on the seminar, saying, “I benefited greatly from the seminar and learned a lot about the law of attraction and how to think positively in order to positively impact my mind and body.”
Fatma also noted that through the seminar, she learned to balance her life through the law of attraction and learned how to refine her actions, converting them into positive energy.
QU graduate Haifa Babker said the seminar greatly benefited her as she learned how to prevent disease by learning more about the body and controlling certain behaviours and emotions. Haifa added that the themes of the lecture covered the most important topics in this field.

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