HMC launches volunteer programme for patient care
November 17 2019 11:25 PM
Nasser al-Naimi was joined at Qatar’s first Patient Experience Forum by five of the first ambassador
Nasser al-Naimi was joined at Qatar’s first Patient Experience Forum by five of the first ambassador


The programme provides people with an opportunity to volunteers to support patients in hospitals

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) innovative new Person-Centered Care Ambassador Programme – which enables members of the community to volunteer to support the delivery of patient care – was launched on Sunday at Qatar’s first Patient Experience Forum.

Five of the first ambassadors to take part in the volunteer programme were joined by Nasser al-Naimi, deputy chief of quality, Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement and director of the Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute and other dignitaries, as part of the launch.

The Ambassador Programme will provide people who want to volunteer their time to support patients in hospital with the opportunity to put on activities ranging from exercise and reading to patients through to spiritual and social support. The initial focus will be on paediatric patients and the elderly.

Al-Naimi said the volunteer programme was significant in the development of a patient-centered approach to care at HMC.

“HMC’s Person-Centered Care Ambassador Programme is a unique initiative and an opportunity to enhance the delivery of patient-centered care and improve patient experience - volunteers can help to ensure that the patient does come first,” explained al-Naimi.

“Over the years, the Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement has been enhancing patient experience across HMC and ensuring that our communities receive the best possible care across Qatar. The Person-Centered Care Ambassador Programme is an essential part of this journey.”

“Many patients, particularly the elderly and young children, can benefit from extra stimulation when they are in hospital. It takes their mind off the treatment they are receiving and studies show that it can aid the healing process for patients as well,” said al-Naimi.

Ambassadors will undergo appropriate selection processes, management, and training courses. The programme was also designed to provide an important link to the community.

“It is important for healthcare providers to have deep links to the community they serve. This programme is an essential bridge to our communities. We thank those who have come forward to become our first Person Centered Care Ambassadors and look forward to welcoming more volunteers in the future,” added al-Naimi.

As part of the volunteer programme, ambassadors will commit to at least two to four hours per week – each shift is two hours long.

Maryam Nasser Abdulla al-Thani, one of the first ambassadors to join the programme, said she wanted to help patients and use her spare time to help others in the community.

“I decided to volunteer for the PCC Ambassador Programme because volunteering is a noble and humane attitude that is motivated by our religion,” she said. “I personally like volunteering as it will enrich my skills and enhance my self-confidence and meet my responsibilities towards my community. I am looking forward to drawing a smile on the faces of patients and helping to reduce their suffering; as well as giving a hand to whoever needs it,” she said while urging her fellow citizens and others to volunteer their time.

“I would like to forward this message to others in Qatar, other Arab countries, and the whole world – volunteering is a mission for all humanity. It is about creating collaborations between both community and volunteers and helping people from all nationalities. This will encourage more volunteers in our lovely Qatar,” added Maryam al-Thani.

Michelle Bickett, a medical social worker and an American residing in Qatar, said she was looking forward to being part of the programme.

“I have always had a heart for service and this program encourages volunteers to engage with and support patients during their visit to HMC,” said Bickett.

“For me, volunteering is an opportunity to connect with another human being and be part of his or her journey. It is a privilege to serve another person. Sometimes it may be a simple act like providing directions and other times it may be more involved like listening to someone’s story, or providing emotional support when they need it most,” added Bickett.

The Ambassador Programme is open to all Qatar citizens and residents over the age of 30 who are passionate about volunteering and making a positive difference in the lives of patients.

For more information about the PCC Ambassador Programme, contact [email protected] or 4439 4757.

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