Ukraine to join in 2020 Kahraman expo, says QUBF official
November 20 2019 08:10 PM
QUBF founder and chairperson Dr Olga Revina. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam
QUBF founder and chairperson Dr Olga Revina. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

Preparations are underway for Ukraine’s participation in the second edition of the ‘Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman’ slated in January 2020, an official of the Qatar-Ukraine Business Forum’s (QUBF) has said.

QUBF founder and chairperson Dr Olga Revina said talks are ongoing with representatives of Ukrainian brand- 'AMBERS', which is an umbrella for different trademarks, such as Ambra Simha, Sun Craft Centre, and the Ukrainian Amber World Association that extracts and processes amber from Volodymyrets-Skhidnyi deposit in Western Ukraine.

“Through the efforts of the QUBF, this would be the first time for Ukrainian amber to be introduced in next year’s installment of the Kahraman exhibition at Katara. AMBERS will showcase their beautiful artworks of authentic amber signature during the event,” Revina told Gulf Times on Wednesday.

In January this year, Katara – The Cultural Village organised the first Kahraman (or amber in Arabic) exhibition in Qatar, which featured about 80 stalls that showcased different varieties of prayer beads, bracelets, ornaments, and antique products made of amber.

Traders, collectors and manufacturers of authentic Kahraman amber products from Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Russia, Poland and Lithuania participated in the event held at Katara.

According to its website, Katara – The Cultural Village aims to organise the exhibition on an annual basis to make Katara “the first access for authentic Kahraman beads.” The event also aims to facilitate exchange of expertise and different perspectives in the manufacturing of Kahraman beads, and to display, sell, and popularise Kahraman beads, among other objectives.

“QUBF acts as a joint business council aiming to bring to Qatar the most competitive and exclusive products and services from Ukraine, and each of the business proposals in our portfolio is pre-selected by QUBF experts to ensure that it meets the high expectations of Qatari market.

“Ukraine is a global leader when it comes to amber deposits, therefore we recently included in our QUBF portfolio an impressive proposal from leading Ukrainian brand AMBERS to introduce rare amber stones, art objects, amber jewellery, and even amber rooms and palaces. Ukraine has the world’s second-biggest reserves of succinate amber being naturally rich of its colour,” Revina explained.

Since it was officially licensed with the Qatar Financial Centre Authority in 2018, Revina said the QUBF has been working to facilitate bilateral, sustainable partnerships across all industries via trade and investment, and the transferring of innovations and technology, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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