MME urged to specify norms about workers' camps
January 08 2020 12:21 AM
The CMC session in progress.
The CMC session in progress

By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

The Central Municipal Council (CMC) has requested the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to specify the exact meaning of workers' camps as laid down in Article 1 of Law No 15 of 2010 regarding the Prohibition of Workers' Camps within Family Residential Areas.
The CMC has sought a clear-cut description of workers' camps to avoid any potential manipulation of the law. It also asked the MME to review exemptions of the law, under the Minister of Municipality and Environment's Resolution No 83 for 2011 in this regard, to curb the phenomenon by reducing the number of such exemptions.
Further, the CMC asked that workers engaged in the fishing industry in coastal areas be included on the exemptions list under the law to give them easy access to their workplace.
Meanwhile, the council suggested that an electronic link be created between municipalities regarding violations of Law No 15 of 2010, indicating the type of violation, building number and names of the violators and workers in order to prevent a repetition of the offence by the same people in different municipalities.
The CMC also suggested that the MME study the possibility of reducing the number of workers needed by a company to be granted a land plot to construct workers' accommodation units in the designated areas. Besides, work should be done to expedite the creation of the necessary infrastructure and facilities for workers' towns as a viable alternative to the existing situation.
In addition, more such towns should be created to cater to the increasing number of workers across the country. The council stressed that the executive regulations of the law be issued as soon as possible to explain and define all its aspects and how to enforce the law.
The CMC hoped that the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs would intensify inspection campaigns at workers' housing units to ensure that the relevant standards are complied with. These pertain to providing workers with adequate space and ventilation and other aspects in order to give them suitable and healthy housing options.
At the same regular session, the council recommended that the MME should name an important street in the country after December 18 due to the importance of the occasion - Qatar National Day.

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