Lolwah: Qatar's neutrality and credibility behind success of US-Taliban agreement
March 01 2020 10:05 PM
Lolwah AlKhater


HE the Assistant Foreign Minister and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lolwah Rashid AlKhater has underscored that the reasons that enabled Qatar and the rest of the parties to overcome the obstacles that hindered the achievement of the peace process between the United States and the Taliban movement are due to Qatar standing at the same distance from everyone, which led to progress in negotiations after it was stopped, despite the presence of attempts from several countries that were not successful.

In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the ceremony for the conclusion of the agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan, signed between the US and the Taliban movement in Doha on Saturday, HE AlKhater said that the factors for success are the patience of Qatar, as well as the firm and steadfast approach of the country to committing to neutrality, honesty, and not hiding any undeclared agendas.

She noted that the commitment of Qatar to peace is what enabled it to achieve this historic agreement, confirming that Qatar will continue its efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan.

On the pivotal role Qatar played in building peace between the US and the Taliban, while other countries followed the method of escalation and demolition, HE AlKhater pointed out that the demolition process is always easier than building, and fuelling and igniting wars is easier than achieving the peace that needs efforts and determination.

HE AlKhater affirmed that Qatar sought to play a positive role, noting that these endeavours are considered a very important step on the path to establishing sustainable and comprehensive peace in Afghanistan, which contains all components of the Afghan people.

She noted that the agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan is a historic achievement for Qatari diplomacy, adding that this is a great step forward. She thanked all the parties that participated in achieving this agreement.

She explained that this step between the United States of America and the Taliban movement constitutes an important path in the peace process, while the other important path is the Afghan-Afghan dialogue.

HE AlKhater added that last year, Qatar organised an Afghan-Afghan dialogue conference, and it was a successful conference, which contributed to the convergence of views of the Afghan society, including women.

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