“Exercise, physical activity can help deal with coronavirus scare while stuck at home”
March 19 2020 06:52 PM

These are some unusual times that people around the world are facing. The coronavirus pandemic has been forcing people to adapt to a new way of life – limiting social and physical contact.
People are either forced or willingly opting to stay at home in the bid to avoid meeting other people. Staying at home, studying at home and working from home may not be a new phenomenon but the fear of coronavirus has resulted in self-isolation of many.
However, people move on and help each other in adjusting to new realities. Individuals who are expert in certain areas continue to advise others on how to face the new situation.
One such area is how to remain physically fit and active while staying at home. Being physically active carries two major benefits – mental strength and boosted immune system. These strengths are essential to face off the virus and its fear.
Tarek El Sharif, a young spinning coach, follows his workout schedule as strictly as offering prayers five times a day. The fitness enthusiast, a Syrian national who was born and brought up in Qatar, has some tips to share with the readers who are about to be active and continue their physical activity while being at home these days.
Tarek follows the policy of being physically strong and active person. As a fitness trainer, he believes that one should find no excuse for not working out. “No doubt the outbreak is getting precarious and forcing people to stay at home. It, however, cannot be an excuse for not having regular exercise. Actually, the situation demands for physical activity more than ever,” he said while talking to Community.
Tarek believes everyone can do physical exercises at home even without having the related equipment. “You only need an empty and clean area in your house. You can use a mat to exercise at. Always start with warm up exercises that you can do even being static. You can follow some stretching tips as well.”
The trainer advises people not to have the hardest of exercises at home. “Keep it light and simple. However, you need to exercise for a period spanning not less than 20 minutes and not more than an hour. All members of the family need to exercise including children. You need to divide your exercise routine into different sessions – at least two sessions. You can still jog in an open area or in a park if you are not weary of crowded places. One can also go to a park when it is not crowded.”
When asked what is the best time in 24 hours for the exercise, Tarek said: “If you find time, you can do your workout at any time of the day. I however always prefer early morning hours. You are empty stomach and you feel light. It is the beginning of the day. If you have the workout early morning, it can make your whole day very pleasant.”
Speaking about what kind of exercise women and elderly can at home, Tarek said: “They need to be active. They can be active by doing some physical household work. A mother or a father can be active running after kids or playing with them at home. 
“There are however some light exercises that they can do. Exercise such as high knees, empty squats, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, dips using arms of a chair, etc. People can also take benefits from yoga and for that you only need a mat.”
Highlighting the benefits of staying active while stuck at home these days, Tarek said: “The more active you are, the stronger immune system you will have. Exercise three to four times a week is better than nothing at all. Doctors can be seen saying that people with stronger immune system can successfully counter the coronavirus.
“Further, physical activity increases blood flow to the mind. It helps in dealing with the stress that coronavirus scare carries. I would also lay emphasis on the need for more and more introspection. We need to focus more on our social responsibilities and take care of each other.”

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