MoCI sets max prices for fish, fruits, veg
March 24 2020 12:25 AM
price list

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has set the maximum selling prices for fish and seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables, until March 31.
These prices are meant for retail outlets and are subject to extension, according to notifications issued by the ministry on social media Monday.
The MoCI stressed that the notification compels all retail outlets to commit to selling the above-mentioned items at the prices mentioned on the lists provided by the ministry.
Violators will be subject to penalties stipulated in the applicable laws, decisions and regulations. “In case of non-compliance, violators will be penalised and legal measures will be taken against them,” the MoCI noted.

According to the list for fish and seafood, the maximum selling price, per kilogram, is QR20 for Sultan Ibrahim (small), QR26-37 for Hamour (depending on the size), QR8-14 for Sheri (based on the size), QR20-26 for Zubaidi (depending on the size), QR68 for lobster, QR18-22 for Jash (based on the size), QR29-37 for Kanad KPHT (depending on the size), and QR8-17 for Tuna (based on the size).
The list includes a total of 35 items.
As for fruits and vegetables, the MoCI has specified the maximum prices for both local and imported items. The products may be sold in package form or by the kilogram.
In addition, the ministry has set the maximum selling prices for medical facemasks in the local markets.

The maximum prices are determined in accordance with the announced price chart, the MoCI said in a notification. Pharmacies and agencies that sell medical facemasks are prohibited from exceeding the maximum announced prices.
In case of non-compliance, violations will be recorded and legal measures taken, it added.
In case of any complaints pertaining to the above-mentioned items, consumers can call the ministry’s hotline at 16001.
Meanwhile, the MoCI has reiterated that “as part of its preventive measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the ministry has compelled all retail outlets to apply the safe distancing rule (1.5m) among customers, including those waiting in queues at the cashier and reception desk, by placing guiding signs on the ground”.
This comes in the context of the precautionary and preventive measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19 and pursuant to Article 13 of Consumer Protection Law No 8 of 2008, which requires suppliers to comply with health and safety regulations.
The order came into effect Monday, with the ministry highlighting the need for outlets to comply with the circular. The MoCI stressed that it would intensify inspection campaigns, and violators would be subject to the penalties stipulated in the relevant regulations.

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