Ministry launches new hotline to receive workers' complaints
March 31 2020 11:23 PM
Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidly addressing the press conference. PICTURE: Jayaram
Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidly addressing the press conference. PICTURE: Jayaram

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has launched a new hotline, 92727, to receive workers’ complaints.

This was announced at a press conference addressed by Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidly, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at the ministry, in Doha on Tuesday.

The hotline will function round-the-clock, and workers can register their complaints by using their Qatar ID (QID) or visa number. It is available in multiple languages.

Workers have to send an SMS to 92727 by adding 5 before the QID or visa number.

During the press conference, al-Obaidly gave details of the measures adopted by the MADLSA to ensure the rights of workers in the country.

He noted that the ministry is monitoring the situation and taking all necessary measures to ensure the welfare of workers.

“Measures have been taken to ensure that workers receive their basic salary and allowances from their employer during this period,” he said, adding that the ministry is closely monitoring the developments and the companies have to pay salaries by the seventh of a month.

Companies that fail to pay salaries by this date will face action, it was stressed. Workers can also contact the ministry at 16008 or by email at [email protected] seeking support to resolve their grievances.

He said companies have the right to terminate contracts but the termination should be done in compliance with the terms of the Labour Law and the contract, including factors such as the notice period and payment of pending entitlements such as return ticket to the home country.

“The ministry is focusing on raising awareness and ensuring their (workers’) health. Priority is given to improving relations with workers and expatriates,” he explained.

Referring to the recent allocation of QR3bn as guarantees to local banks, al-Obaidly said financial assistance will be given to companies in order to help them pay the employees and employers to clear various dues, including rent. The assistance will not be paid in cash and companies will be given support upon their requests to the banks.

Banks will approach the MADLSA and the allocated amount will be used by banks to pay the employees.

Al-Obaidly said the ministry will ensure that all those who are quarantined are paid. “Companies are co-operating with the government in this regard. They are willing to pay and follow the rules,” he said.

He added that the ministry has ensured that all workers get proper accommodation, food and treatment during this period. “There is no discrimination against anyone and steps will be taken to help the terminated workers go home by co-ordinating with their home countries,” he said.

Al-Obaidly explained that a lot of attention is being paid to the Industrial Area, food is distributed among workers in co-operation with various agencies.

He also informed that a worker who is outside Qatar can enter the country with an expired ID and it can be renewed after the entry without penalty. “There is co-ordination with the Ministry of Interior in this regard,” he added.

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