Qatar marks World Environment Day
June 06 2020 02:18 AM
Hawksbill turtle
Hawksbill turtle

Qatar has taken part in the celebrations of the World Environment Day, observed yesterday, as the country gives great care to the implementation of the environmental programmes, projects and initiatives, in particular maintaining biodiversity and the awareness on related issues. 
The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) explained that it has been carrying out biodiversity projects and programmes in many related areas including the DNA project of the Arabian Oryx, in association with Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar.
A study of the whale shark, started in 2010, and focused on Al Shaheen Field east of Qatar, resulted in spotting more than 600 of the deep sea creatures which were documented in a data base with all relevant information. The MME also focused on protecting the endangered wild ghaf trees and fenced off them at Mekaines area in 2017 with support from private sector companies. The project aimed at planting new seedlings of these trees and multiply them. As of now, the number of ghaf trees has increased to 704 trees, which is considered a great success of the ongoing project.
The ministry further launched a project to protect and multiply the rare Cordia myxa (bamber trees) in 2018, with 187 tree seedlings currently at the protected area north of Al Utouriya.
In addition, the MME has been carrying out the project of protecting the endangered hawksbill turtles since 2010 with a great success achieved in 2019 with the release of 5,706 young turtles into the sea. Meanwhile, the various departments at the MME has launched a number of projects to monitor and maintain the quality of air, soil and sea in the country, using the most sophisticated scientific methods and equipment in the field and prepare reports to address any necessary issues accordingly.

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