HMC launches new website with online exercise video portal
October 24 2020 01:22 PM
HMC’s Physiotherapy Department recognises Covid-19 ‘heroes’ as part of the World Physiotherapy Day 2
HMC’s Physiotherapy Department recognises Covid-19 ‘heroes’ as part of the World Physiotherapy Day 2020 celebrations

The Physiotherapy Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has marked World Physiotherapy Day 2020 with the launch of a new website that includes a dedicated online exercise video portal for patients.
The new website, hosted at, can be accessed by current patients through a link provided by their physiotherapist, includes more than 500 videos. The portal aims to enhance the patient experience and enables patients to access instructional videos safely and conveniently as part of supporting their journey to recovery.

The new website includes more than 500 videos

“Physiotherapists work in a multitude of clinical settings, from working with our youngest patients to patients in intensive care units, to supporting patients of long-term care rehabilitation facilities and in the community. Our team includes specialties such as orthopaedics, neurology, cardiorespiratory, paediatrics, women’s health, men’s health, geriatrics, oncology, community-based physiotherapy, and mental health,” said Noora al-Mudahka, chief of physiotherapy, HMC.
“The process of rehabilitation starts the moment a patient is admitted to the hospital and continues after discharge through outpatient or home care therapy services. The Physiotherapy Department provides physical therapy to patients during more than 270,000 outpatient visits and 160,000 inpatient visits a year. We now have more than 300 therapists working across HMC hospitals. Today we offer a full range of services to patients who need our care – from babies through to our older patients. Most recently the department started providing services through telemedicine channels including video consultations,” added al-Mudahka.
The Physiotherapy Department is currently at the frontline of providing physiotherapy services to recovering Covid-19 patients who have varied, and complex needs due to complications associated with the virus.
“Patients who were on ventilator support often experience muscle weakness. They might be confined to a bed for a few days and this makes it difficult for them to mobilise out of bed once they are awake. Physiotherapists play a vital role by assisting them to regain their strength and gradually return to functional independence,” said al-Mudahka.
Lolwa al-Mohannadi, executive director of Clinical and Service Development, said the new website not only includes an innovative online exercise video portal for patients, but it also has information about services available and how to access these services.
“The portal can be accessed by patients through a specialised link and hosts interventional exercise videos specific to various clinical conditions, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, post-operative, and guiding parents in the care of babies who had been ventilated,” said al-Mohannadi.
“Each video is customised for the various phases of recovery and has explanatory instruction with exercises and movements that are specific to their treatment and recovery. We continuously follow-up with the patients through virtual video consultations to monitor their progress and adjust where needed. This is a safe and convenient way for patients to continue their treatment at home and it engages the patient in their recovery, which evidence shows leads to better outcomes,” added al-Mohannadi.

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