Parents confident of safety measures at schools: survey
October 30 2020 10:23 PM
Qatar schools : Covid-19

Around 45% of the participants in an online survey by local Arabic daily 'Arrayah' expressed satisfaction with the currently implemented precautionary and preventive measures at schools against the spread of Covid-19.
While almost 30% stressed that the measures are excellent, around 24% rated them as good. A number of parents, who spoke to the daily, stressed the role of parents in raising the awareness of their children on related issues by advising them to avoid crowded places, abide by wearing facemasks and avoid direct physical contact with others, especially since most of the reported Covid-19 cases came from outside the school environment.
The parents reiterated their confidence that schools are safe and well-protected places for their children and the mandatory rotational attendance would be good for the students in many ways, especially since the authorities concerned are exerting all the necessary efforts to guarantee the health and safety of students.
The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is conducting field visits to all the schools across the country to ensure that the preventive and precautionary measures are followed strictly while the Ministry of Education and Higher Education closely follows up their implementation and ensure that all abide by them, including teachers and administration staff.
In addition, sanitisation works are continuing constantly in schools to maintain the safety and cleanliness. However, the responsibility of parents in this regard cannot be underestimated as they are key to their children's commitment to abide by the preventive and precautionary measures and follow them strictly all the time while at school, Arrayah added.

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