Qmic launches Drivesafe mobile platform to track users' behaviour
January 12 2021 12:28 PM
QMIC launches Drivesafe mobile platform to enhance road safety
DriveSafe app


As part of its mandate to enable smart and safe living, Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre (Qmic) has launched its latest mobile platform “DriveSafe.”
This is an addition to Qmic’s wide suite of Intelligent Mobility Solutions addressing various local and regional challenges, and one of many technologies that help in improving road safety and achieving Qmic’s continuing initiative “roadmap to zero.”
DriveSafe, available for free on iOS and Android, aims at measuring certain driving

Omar al-Jaber

behaviours and giving users a score based on their frequency during a trip. The app measures four driving behaviours or violations: Harsh acceleration, harsh braking, overspeeding and severe overspeeding. Each of them is considered to be unsafe driving behaviours that may endanger lives on the road.
DriveSafe aims to measure and alert users when any of these violations occur. This will enable users to better understand the situations which may cause them react in an unsafe manner, and thus become more conscious of their actions, and hopefully, become safer drivers.
Each trip will have an overall trip score out of five, based on the frequency of these violations. Scores are then complied into visual reports that can provide users with valuable insights about their driving behaviour as well as enabling them to track their performance over time.
Users may also look into helpful tips and guidance about improving their driving behaviour through the 'Driving Tips' section on the app. The content is set to become more dynamic and interactive in future editions of the app, where each user may have customised tips specifically addressing their behaviour on the road.
This is the first phase of this platform’s launch. DriveSafe is structured to be an integral part of users’ daily trips, encouraging safety but also rewarding good driving behaviours. Future iterations of this platform will encourage safe driving behaviour by rewarding users who score consistently good results with various rewards, including discounts and offers. Qmic, together with its strategic partners, will work a rewarding mechanism that rewards safe driving behaviour, which will hopefully encourage the rise of more safety-conscious drivers.
Omar al-Jaber, Qmic’s head of Strategic Partnerships & Outreach, said: “We firmly believe DriveSafe will help drastically in improving their safety and enhance their driving performance on the road. Our users are now able to see the full picture of their driving habits by tracking over-speeding, harsh acceleration/deceleration, excessive overspeeding and other bad driving habits that can compromise safety. After each trip, users can review their overall score to see whether it went up or down which ideally creates a positive reinforcement. We will work to form several national strategic partnerships to prepar for the next phase of this platform ”
Through this mobile platform, Qmic hopes to contribute towards enhancing the status of local driving behaviour and continue to give back to Qatar and its people useful and valuable locally engineered technology that enable smarter and safer living.

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