Qatar 'has potential to become premier eSports hub in the world'
January 26 2021 11:47 PM
Ahmad al-Meghessib
Ahmad al-Meghessib

Qatar – with a state-of-the-art e-gaming infrastructure and technology – has the potential to become a premier eSports hub in the world, eSports gaming master Ahmad al-Meghessib has said.
“We have the facilities and the players, we just have to make them more active, allow them to come and compete with each other in the professional level,” the professional football and eSports player told Gulf Times on the sidelines of an agreement signing with Virtuocity Tuesday at Doha Festival City (DHFC).
Al-Meghessib said the agreement with Virtuocity aims to popularise eSports and make the country as a premier hub globally.
Described as the region’s first dedicated digital gaming capital, he stressed that Virtuocity plays a key role in encouraging more players to excel and participate in major tournaments.
The e-gaming arena at DHFC offers an immersive digital experience for both teens and adults, in addition to an array of interactive attractions that set up players and teams to compete with others.
“I played in the best tournaments in the world, I played at the e-World Cup FIFA and the arena that we have here it is really big, different than others so we have the facility to host any event, any game in the world so hopefully we can bring tournaments at Virtuocity here in Doha,” al-Meghessib said.
Virtuocity Centre manager Stefan Negru echoed al-Meghessib's statement saying that Virtuocity is one of the biggest dedicated eSports arenas in the world.
He said that they have plans to organise major e-gaming tournaments in the next two years as the demand for eSports is huge.
“An international event – this is what we are aiming for. I cannot reveal the details of these plans at the moment. Stay tuned, we will be able to see something big,” Negru added.
“ESports in Qatar is booming, if you follow the trend in the next two years, the market will be completely different and this is what we are aiming, to grow the market, grow this industry hopefully, and bring eyes on Qatar,” he said.
The number of players is also expected to increase significantly due to the recent developments in the region, according to Negru. “Now all the borders are open, the increase will be massive. Qatar is an amazing place, I think a lot of our neighbouring countries would want to come here and compete in our local events.”
“ESports is not something local. For example you find a new talent which is from Qatar but in order for you to make an international player you must send him to international events so it has something to be worldwide, it has to be something regional or international,” he added.

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