Foggy conditions, cold night forecast for Wednesday
January 26 2021 11:48 PM
Fog in Doha
Fog in Doha early Tuesday. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

Misty and foggy conditions were reported from some places in the early hours Tuesday, leading to a sharp drop in visibility. 
In a tweet around 6.20am, the Qatar Met department said: “The latest observations show the spread of mist to thick fog in some areas of the country with a lack of visibility, especially in the southern regions, and it is expected that it will gradually dissipate within the next two hours. Please be careful.” 
It also issued an advisory on safe driving in foggy/misty conditions. 
Later, the weather office tweeted that the fog was clearing and there was an improvement in visibility in most areas. Wednesday’s forecast says poor visibility (dropping to 2km or less) is again expected in some places in the early hours of the day due to misty to foggy conditions. This will be followed by moderate temperature during the daytime with some clouds, and it will be relatively cold by night. 
The Met department has also said strong winds and high sea are expected in offshore areas, towards the “far north” until this noon. The wind speed may go up to 22 knots in such areas, with the sea level rising to 7ft. 
Meanwhile, the temperature is expected to range from 17-26C in Doha Wednesday.
On Monday, the department had said there are chances of mist and fog formation in the country until Friday (January 29) morning.

Last updated: January 27 2021 12:32 AM

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