How Accelerated Branding helped companies through these unprecedented times
March 02 2021 03:02 PM
Anchovy campaign generated 10,000 Users in 1 month which served as a test for HalaHi to now generate 100,000 monthly users.

The brand lives in the hearts and minds of consumers, and brand loyalty is an invaluable asset as the battle for customers intensifies. During these unprecedented times some struggled while others were invigorated. The difference was the brand’s legacy being properly communicated to the company’s personas.

Accelerated Branding has provided industry giants the platform to get through these times unscatched. The Accelerated Branding™ process creates timeless brands at lightning speed, starting with research to define the brand and its promise to customers before the actual branding takes place.

This means that Accelerated Branding doesn’t simply generate a logo out of nowhere, rather, the process consists of two phases - Logo Development, which involves basic sketching of the logo, and Logo Finalisation, where the finishing touches take place. The last step would then be to show applications and representations together with the brand book.

Accelerated Branding is a process created and refined by Mediterenean giants ANCHOVY. to bridge the gap between consumer value and brand promise. Founded by Zak and Benji in 2013, the agency quickly developed from a bedroom project to a fully fledged company in Malta - going public in 2015.

Now part of the AMIN network, ANCHOVY. are extending their services beyond their Maltese roots and into the Middle East and North Africa.. With boots on the grounds in Dubai, ANCHOVY. has already built an impressive portfolio.

Sheraa (Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre), which needs no introduction in the MENA market, was one of the benefitters of Accelerated Branding. Sheraa approached ANCHOVY.  to rejuvenate their brand identity, transforming every brand element into an entity that purely represents Sheraa as advocates for change, aiming to cultivate a pipeline of changemakers by fostering a culture of experimentation and critical thinking.

This included establishing together the:

  • Brand Position

  • Brand Values

  • Brand Vision

  • Tone of Voice

Branding has helped the company to explain their promise to their target market and maximise their growth. You can view the case study here

Foster Clarks has also become a household name in the Middle East, especially during the Ramadan. Foster Clark’s 2020 Ramadan campaign centered around the power of family, and how Foster Clark’s has always been in the background of your own stories.

The goals were to:

  • Announce the Rebranding of Foster Clarks in Saudi Arabia and Yemen

  • Showcase their new and improved cake-mix range

This was done by telling a story, to remind the audience that Foster Clark’s has been in the background of their fondest memories, and they are about to get even better.

Another successful branding project where Accelerated Branding was implemented is Online Casino Garbo. The aim of this project was to communicate clearly Garbo’s wish to create a community of fun loving, adventurous dreamers and give them a place to explore, play and win. 

The goals were to:

  • Create Target Audience

  • Fun Logo Development

  • Different Applications

You can see the case study here.

While Accelerated Branding has been a game changer for the agency, they have a broader skill set and have worked with other big companies on a variety of projects, such as HalaHi.

HalaHi approached ANCHOVY. to get their platform off the ground with a global launch campaign in strategic locations. ANCHOVY. set a preset KPI of 8,333 users to be driven to based on the client’s budget which was agreed on with the client.

The goals here were to: 

  • Ranking 1st on Google Search

  • Increase Traffic

  • Retarget users to comeback to convert

This campaign generated 10,000 Users in 1 month which served as a test for HalaHi to now generate 100,000 monthly users.

Should you wish to get in touch with the agency for Accelerated Branding, contact them on [email protected].


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