'Savour traditional flavour' with premium Australian meat
April 10 2021 09:50 PM
'Savour traditional flavour' with premium Australian meat

With their "exceptional versatility, tender quality and delicious flavour", Australian lamb and beef make for an "excellent choice" this Ramadan for local as well as Western-style dishes, Meat & Livestock Australia has stressed.

Sam Gill, the regional manager for Meat & Livestock Australia (Mena)
"In traditional cuisine, red meat is the ‘star’ of most dishes – whether it is cubed bone-in or boneless for stew dishes like mugalgal and bamia, or slow-cooked dishes like kabsa, gursan, majboos or jareesh,” the company has said in a press statement. “Ground meat is ideal for starters like samboosa, kibbeh, or murtabak. The main dishes at the centre of the table are usually a mandi or biryani that would usually feature larger bone-in cuts."
As more families incorporate Australian red meat into their favourite dishes, there is an increase in consumer endorsement of Australian lamb and beef being the “family’s favourite” meat, the statement notes.
Australian meat offers a feeling of luxurious eating, given its "juiciness, extraordinary flavour and tenderness", thereby providing the same premium dining experience in the comfort of one’s home.
With more than 55% of consumers spending more time cooking at home in the recent past, the demand for convenience in meat purchasing and preparation has increased.
In addition, many are seeking inspiration to include new dishes in their menu.
Australian meat provides them with the opportunity to do so, with a versatility of cuts allowing home cooks to serve a variety of dish types to meet everyone’s preferences.
Australian red meat is sourced from cattle and sheep raised on nature’s finest ingredients in the world’s cleanest and greenest environments.
Such exceptional grazing conditions ensure the animals are in the best shape, making for high-quality meat with more flavour, better texture, and less fat.
Australian cattle and sheep lead a healthy and stress-free life in this nourishing environment, which in turn means healthy, nutritious lamb and beef for everyone, the statement notes.
Sam Gill, the regional manager for Meat & Livestock Australia (Mena), said: “The country of origin has become a rather important consideration, with around 50% of consumers in the GCC favouring Australian as an already-trusted supplier of red meat over other import suppliers.”
“Needless to say, the combination of an unspoiled, wide-open environment with an unwavering commitment to quality is what makes our product so special,” he added.
With consumers prioritising health and safety in choosing their food ingredients, it is important to highlight that the Australian meat industry implements world-leading hygienic practices and employs the latest technologies in processing and packing to deliver wholesome, safe food to Middle East markets.
In addition, Australia’s halal programme is recognised worldwide as one of the most the most rigorously enforced halal systems in the world.
When Muslim customers buy Australian meat in the Middle East, they can be confident that they are getting clean, safe and 100% guaranteed halal meat, the statement points out.
Celebrity chefs such as Tarek Ibrahim prefer Australian lamb and beef for his local dishes.
“Premium Australian meat brings traditional flavour to my table in both quality and texture,” he says.
"Let Australian lamb and beef be your natural meat choice to bring flavour, delicious taste and an air of satisfaction around the table," the statement adds.

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