Webinar underscores need to digitise business operation
May 10 2021 07:12 PM
Wael Maged
Wael Maged

Technology as an enabler is a must for companies, such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially now that many businesses are migrating online, an official of a Doha-based solutions provider said in a recent webinar.

Speaking at the online event titled ‘Running a Business a Mobile Device’, Wael Maged, the managing director of Advanced Solutions, discussed the challenges business owners are facing amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Headquartered at the Digital Incubation Centre (DIC), Maged said Advanced Solutions is one of the incubated startups at the DIC at the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC).

Maged’s presentation focused on how entrepreneurs and company owners could build an online business environment, and how to overcome the challenge of designing the business workflow, taking control over the team, and monitoring their performance while minimising the cost of expenses and maximising income and profit. 

“Because of these challenges, owners must transform their companies to digital businesses. To do this, business owners have to automate their business process, employee tasks and duties, sales process, payment gateways, and customer care. These are the first steps needed to be taken to transform a company from a paper business to a digital business,” Maged explained.


According to Maged, there are two ways that owners can run their online business either through a website or a mobile App. He said different types of companies, such as clinics, restaurants, beauty salons and spa, mobile shops, coffee shops, law firms, and retail can utilise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to upscale to a digital business.

“Because of Covid-19, business couldn’t connect with their clients and customers, but after transforming a company into a digital business and utlise an ERP software, it will be easier for owners to connect with their target market,” he explained further.

Maged stressed that addressing the current challenges amid the global health crisis by using an ERP software to collect all raw business data will help company owners make good business decisions.

“All of this can be done using a website or an application…the benefits of an ERP software include having accounting, sales, inventory, purchases, HR, and manufacturing data in one place. And this reduces cost and the time that employees need to look for any data,” he said.

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