Forging partnerships key to robust Qatar-Panama ties, says envoy
July 25 2021 10:03 PM
Panama ambassador Musa Asvat.
Panama ambassador Musa Asvat.

Forging stronger partnerships is a significant factor that would help further bolster Panama’s diplomatic and economic relationship with Qatar, according to ambassador Musa Asvat.
Asvat said the embassy of Panama in Qatar is working to facilitate a high-level meeting between the ministers of his country and Qatar. The initiative was from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the ambassador noted.
“On the economic front, there is an initial approach from the Government of Qatar to further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and increase business opportunities for both sides.
“This is still in the pipeline but work has already started to make this meeting happen with the intention of creating tangible possibilities for trade and investment between Panama and Qatar,” Asvat told Gulf Times yesterday.
According to Asvat, Qatar’s economy is linked to its abundant energy resources, particularly liquefied natural gas (LNG).
“Qatar’s revenues from hydrocarbons are invested in a wide range of projects both domestically and internationally, so Panama, through its embassy here, is seeking to find ways how to get a share and participate in these projects, and also to partner with Qatar as it diversifies its economy away from the oil and gas industry,” Asvat explained.
Asvat said Panama also has many investment opportunities to offer Qatar in the fields of ports management, agriculture, and logistics, and free zones, among others. Earlier, Asvat had said the Panama Canal could play a vital role in enhancing trade between the State of Qatar and its partner countries in Latin America.
“My work as an ambassador depends on presenting real and solid business opportunities to Qatar, which is why the Panamanian government is prepared to provide the necessary plans and to secure investments from its Gulf partner.
“Panama is a safe haven for business, so our government assures the protection of all FDIs and to guarantee good return of investments for its overseas partners, such as Qatar,” he emphasised.
The ambassador also stressed that the embassy is working to realise the implementation of other agreements signed by Panama and Qatar in the fields of education, defence and security, and health, among others.
“I am up to the challenge of ensuring that the agreements signed by both countries will be implemented and that the political, cultural, and economic relationship between Panama and Qatar will further grow and become robust in the years to come,” he added.

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