Shura Council candidate pledges to work for Qatar and its people
September 22 2021 10:28 PM
Shura Council candidate Abullah bin Ahmed bin Ali al-Ibrahim (centre) during a campaign meeting. PIC
Shura Council candidate Abullah bin Ahmed bin Ali al-Ibrahim (centre) during a campaign meeting. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam.

Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Ali Al-Ibrahim, a candidate for the Shura Council elections from constituency 14 at Al Wakra is busy campaigning while interacting with voters and listening to their grievances and suggestions.
Al-Wakra is his birthplace as well as where he was brought up and completed his primary studies. The former expert at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) looks to contribute to the development of Qatar.
Al-Ibrahim spoke to Gulf Times at his residence during the campaign: “Qatar is witnessing development and advancement in various sectors by the grace of God and the wisdom of the wise leadership, headed by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. We feel every day that wider horizons open towards prosperity, development, justice, democratic progress. I wanted to participate in formulating state policy and contributing to development plans and programmes. We are committed to the promise and the wise leadership’s directions towards leading our beloved country in the best possible manner always. Indeed, I am honoured to participate in the elections as a candidate from the 14th constituency,” he said.
Al-Ibrahim has a comprehensive vision and plans that can be implemented in order to further develop the country and improving the prosperity and happiness of the citizens. Also, he has a track record of social and educational activism. “When I reached the age of secondary school, there was none for boys at Al Wakra. Accompanied by my friend, I met the then Minister of Education and the outcome was the opening of a secondary school for boys at Al Wakra,” he recalled. Also, with his knowledge about the Qatari architectural identity, it's tradition, customs and heritage, al-Ibrahim was in charge of the work of reviving the old city of Al Wakra while keeping its traditional symbols intact.
At MADLSA, he worked with various departments after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Arkansas, US. He retired as an expert. While serving Qatar, he received a number of certificates from various entities including the Arab Labour Organisation. He also worked for improving the ministry services for citizens and residents by bringing in an e-government system.
Al-Ibrahim said that the campaign is helping him win hearts. “The past days of the campaign have shown that there is great acceptance by the voters. We hold interaction with various stakeholders from all segments of society while assessing their demands and receiving the ideas and visions. We will realise them and will work for the interest of the country and the welfare of the people while supporting the directions of the wise leadership,” he said, adding that the campaigns are carried out in a scientific, practical and fruitful manner.
The candidate has an integrated team to promote and communicate with voters while studying their concerns and aspirations. “We get a warm response and the interaction programmes exceed our expectations. We are keen on the aspects that serve the country and the citizens and all these are carried out as per the rules and directions from the authorities,” he said.
The electoral programmes focus on the legislative side, public budget and public auditing in order to ensure transparency. Al-Ibrahim says he will work in the Shura Council to avert the delay in legislation for various welfare projects.
“I have found some issues with regard to the rights of retirees, the social protection platform and the labour laws. I will strive to secure the greatest amount of fulfillment for the efforts of retirees by demanding an increase in their salaries and end-of-service benefits.
"I will strive to update legislation related to the rights of Qatari women and the children of Qatari women whose fathers hold other nationalities and to improve the social protection scheme. I will also make efforts to increase the salaries of employees and other privileges granted to them in line with the rising cost of living. In addition to health insurance, I will work to find a new mechanism that secures the treatment of patients inside and outside the country in the fastest time and at the highest levels of quality and without any waiting,” he said.
With regard to approving budgets and spending from public funds, al-Ibrahim said he will focus on achieving the vision of the wise leadership and meeting the aspirations and ambitions of citizens through optimal use of public money, emphasis on rationalising spending and putting pressure on expenditures, adopting modern budget trends, increasing the national income by giving preference to productive projects, finding a state of parity between sectors, reducing the duration of budget discussion and approval and trying to conserve the Qatari financial resources and propose effective laws.
“Also, I will work to ensure sufficient job opportunities to accommodate all university as well as high school graduates. I will support the efforts to update the comprehensive national strategy to enhance integrity and transparency. I will work to support the efforts of the national team concerned with the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption,”he said.
The candidate assured efforts will be taken up to enhance the quality of public services and improve the work environment and investment in the country to ensure the localisation of jobs. Al-Ibrahim said he will work to achieve the principle of equal opportunities approved by the wise leadership among the members of society and guarantee equal rights for all citizens in the distribution of land, grants, employment and all other privileges and entitlements.
“I will always keep my office and council open to receive the opinions and suggestions of citizens,” he added.

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